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Sr.No Date Press Releases 2018 Download
1 2018-01-18 Bonanza for 40 Lakh BSES Consumers BSES offers attractive cash-back scheme in partnership with Mobikwik Consumers can get upto Rs 1200 cash-back for timely payment English Hindi
1 2018-03-20 BSES urges its over 40 lakh consumers to 'Switch-Off" during the Earth Hour English Hindi
2 2018-03-15 Just 5-Digits to Connect With BSES English Hindi
3 2018-03-12 BSES Discoms Fully Feared-Up for The Summer Months English Hindi
4 2018-03-06 BRPL to get $ 1 Million Grant From US Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) To Promote Energy Conservation English Hindi
1 2018-02-28 Mob Attacks BSES Team Engaged in System Improvement in West Delhi English Hindi
2 2018-02-27 BSES Cash-Back Bonanza English Hindi
3 2018-02-12 BSES Lok Adalats not only a great hit, but also a great a levelle English Hindi
4 2018-02-06 On popular demand BSES to organise Lok Adalat for on-the-spot settlement of power theft case English Hindi
1 2018-01-07 Delhi Power Minister Inaugurates BRPL's Innovative 'Solar City Initiative - Solarise Dwarka' English Hindi
Sr.No Date Press Releases 2017 Download
1 2017-12-19 BSES Fully Geared-Up to Meet Winter Power Demand' dated 19, 2017 English Hindi
2 2017-12-11 BSES Lok Adalats Breaks All Records, Settles Over 5600 Power Theft Cases' dated 11 Dec, 2017 English Hindi
3 2017-12-06 BSES in Association With DSLSA to Organize Special Lok Adalats on Dec 9 & 10' dated 06 Dec, 2017 English Hindi
1 2017-11-28 BSES successfully ‘powers’ the 14 Day Trade Fair at Pragati Maidan English Hindi
2 2017-11-22 Power and Convenience of the Revolutionary Bharat QR Code Comes to BSES Consumers' dated 22 Nov, 2017 English Hindi
3 2017-11-20 Pro consumer BSES App will Significantly Reduce the Menace of Imposters' dated 20 Nov, 2017 English Hindi
4 2017-11-15 Businessman gets Rs 2 years Jail, Tenant 1 year for power theft English Hindi
5 2017-11-02 BSES ensured a smooth, glitch-free India - New Zealand T20 match that was enjoyed by millions across the world English Hindi
1 2017-10-30 Delhi CM Inaugurates Package Oil Free (Dry) Transformer Atop a 30 foot high platform in East Delhi English Hindi
2 2017-10-24 BSES Takes-up Cudgels for Women’s Safety Imparts Self Defense Trainings to over 6000 Girl Students English Hindi
3 2017-10-05 Around 40 lakh BSES consumers can get-upto Rs 3600 cash-back for timely payment English Hindi
1 2017-09-25 BSES Launches Digi Seva Kendra to Provide Seamless ‘single window services English Hindi
2 2017-09-13 BSES to provide 'Tatkal' electricity connections for Pujas, Pandals and Marriages English Hindi
3 2017-09-05 Two Power Theft Convictions English Hindi
1 2017-08-24 In a major breakthrough, 2 impostors masquerading as BSES officials arrested in South Delhi; FIR registered English Hindi
2 2017-08-17 BSES consumers Save 17000 KW By Participating in Demand Side Management Project English Hindi
3 2017-08-08 I Day Advisory: Don’t Fly Kites Near Electrical Installations English Hindi
4 2017-08-04 BSES Consumers to Get Free Insurance Worth Rs. One lakh English Hindi
1 2017-07-21 Managing Space Crunch-Delhi CM energises Delhi’s 1st 2 MVA Distribution Transformer' dated 27 July, 2017. English Hindi
2 2017-07-18 BSES Inspection Teams, Accompanied by Delhi Police, Attacked by Power Theft Criminals in Jaffarpur ( West Delhi) English Hindi
3 2017-07-12 BRPL and TERI partner to promote rooftop solar and energy storage solutions' dated 12 July, 2017 English Hindi
4 2017-07-27 Managing Space Crunch-Delhi CM energises Delhi’s 1st 2 MVA Distribution Transformer' dated 27 July, 2017. English Hindi
5 2017-07-18 BSES Inspection Teams, Accompanied by Delhi Police, Attacked by Power Theft Criminals in Jaffarpur ( West Delhi) English Hindi
6 2017-07-12 BRPL and TERI partner to promote rooftop solar and energy storage solutions' dated 12 July, 2017 English Hindi
1 2017-06-30 Mob attacks BSES’ Inspection and Delhi Police teams in West Delhi' dated 30 June, 2017 English Hindi
2 2017-06-20 Monsoons: Simple precautions will go a long way in keeping Delhiites safe English Hindi
3 2017-06-16 Massive Capacity Addition of around 600 MVA helps BSES Meet Unprecedented Power Demand English Hindi
1 2017-05-29 West Delhi Businessman and an East Delhi resident convicted of power theft English Hindi
2 2017-05-17 BSES Deploys Innovative Solutions to Manage Space Crunch English Hindi
3 2017-05-04 BSES Rajdhani Power Limited signs MoA with PTC for 100 MW wind power English Hindi
1 2017-04-28 Courts Come Heavy on Power Theft English Hindi
2 2017-04-18 Oil Thieves' steal oil from around 70 transformers causing disruption of power supply English Hindi
3 2017-04-11 BSES Cash Back Scheme Gets Thumps-Up From Consumers English Hindi
1 2017-03-23 BSES payment counters to remain open on Sunday, March 26 English Hindi
2 2017-03-21 BSES urges around 40 lakh consumers to “Switch off” during Earth Hour English Hindi
3 2017-03-05 BRPL' 66/11 KV GIS Grid in South Delhi to further improve power supply for over 1.5 lakh residents English Hindi
1 2017-03-28 Power theft does not pay-Call Centre owner gets 1 year Rigorous Imprisonment, Penalty of Rs 25.5 lakh English Hindi
2 2017-02-23 BSES discoms geared-up for the summer months English
3 2017-02-22 Go cash less and get cash back English Hindi
1 2017-01-25 Nearly 10 lakh consumers buy over 55 lakh LEDs in BSES area' dated 25 Jan. English Hindi
Sr.No Date Press Releases 2016 Download
1 2016-12-12 BRPL Lok Adalat breaks all records settles over 2000 power theft cases English Hindi
2 2016-12-06 BRPL in association with DSLSA to organize Special Lok Adalat English Hindi
1 2016-11-21 Landmark Judgment Against Power Theft English Hindi
1 2016-10-12 BSES scores a double century in solar roof top connections English Hindi
2 2016-10-03 'Tatkal' electricity connections for Pujas, Pandals and Marriages English Hindi
1 2016-09-28 BRPL partners with Bank of Baroda for payment of electricity bills English Hindi
2 2016-09-27 Whats App is BSES’ latest ally in its fight against power theft English Hindi
1 2016-08-09 Don't Fly Kites Near Electrical Installations English Hindi
1 2016-06-24 Monsoons: Simple precautions will go a long way in keeping Delhi safe English Hindi
1 2016-05-27 BSES meeting unprecedented power demand in Delhi when the city was declared a Red Zone for extreme heat wave English Hindi
1 2016-04-28 BSES scores a century in Solar Roof Top English Hindi
2 2016-04-06 Cash back scheme for BSES consumers an unprecedented success English Hindi
1 2016-03-19 Delhi Power Minister dedicates BRPL 66/11 KV Grid to the residents of West Delhi English Hindi
2 2016-03-16 BSES urges over 37 lakh consumers to "Switch off" during Earth Hour English Hindi
3 2016-03-04 Summer Action Plan English Hindi
4 2016-03-01 More than 2.5 lakh BSES consumers get cash-back on timely payments English Hindi
1 2016-02-18 32 lakh LED bulbs sold in BSES areas English Hindi
1 2016-01-27 Pay Your Power Bills in Time and Get Cash Back BSES Consumers to Get Upto Rs 200 Back on Power Bills in February & March through Paytm English Hindi
2 2016-01-21 BSES takes-up cudgels for women’s safety Imparts Self Defense Trainings for girl students English Hindi
3 2016-01-06 BSES announces plans to procure 700 MW of green energy English Hindi
Sr.No Date Press Releases 2015 Download
1 2015-12-17 BSES geared-up for the winter demand English Hindi
2 2015-12-07 Courts come down heavily on the menace of power theft English Hindi
1 2015-10-26 BRPL partners IGNOU English Hindi
2 2015-10-19 BSES energises ‘Net Metering’ at Lotus Temple English Hindi
1 2015-09-07 16 lakh LED bulbs sold in BSES areas in last 3 months English Hindi
1 2015-07-22 BSES Mobile APP Now register 'No Supply' complaints from your mobile English Hindi
2 2015-07-13 BSES – DSLSA Lok Adalat over the weekend settles over 1300 cases on-the-spot English Hindi
3 2015-07-08 Monsoon Advisory Simple precautions go a long way in keeping Delhi safe English Hindi
1 2015-06-04 BSES supports 'Ease of doing business' Consumers can apply for new connection and upload documents Online English Hindi
1 2015-05-20 Delhi Power Minister Inaugurates BRPL's 66/11 Grid Sub Station in Najafgarh English Hindi
2 2015-05-04 BSES takes the lead in energising roof-top solar ‘Net Metering’ projects English Hindi
1 2015-04-17 Delhi Power Minister dedicates BYPL 33/11 KV Grid to the residents of Central Delhi English Hindi
2 2015-04-08 BSES reaches out to consumers at their door step English Hindi
3 2015-04-02 BSES Summer Action Plan English Hindi
1 2015-03-26 BSES support and promotes the Earth Hour initiative English Hindi
2 2015-03-19 BSES counters to remain open on Holidays and Sundays in March,2015 English Hindi
3 2005-07-12 Safety Week English Hindi
4 2015-03-11 Maintain 'zero balance' and get a chance to win English Hindi
5 2015-03-01 Shri Anil Ambani's views in Budget 2015 English
1 2015-02-02 Shri Anil Ambani - DestiNation India English
Sr.No Date Press Releases 2014 Download
1 2014-12-17 Jail for power theft English Hindi
2 2014-12-11 Power Alert English Hindi
3 2014-12-02 BSES launches a crack-down against 'impostors' English Hindi
1 2014-11-21 Analytics help BSES nail over 15,000 Meter Tampering Cases English Hindi
1 2014-09-30 BSES shows its commitment to Swachchh Bharat Abhiyan English Hindi
2 2014-09-16 BSES Power Conclave English Hindi
3 2014-09-10 BSES unearths power theft of over 87,000 KW (87 MW) in 5 months English Hindi
1 2014-08-20 Energy Conservation drive in Blind schools English Hindi
2 2014-08-11 Kite Flying Advisory Stay Safe; avoid flying kites near electric installations English Hindi
3 2014-08-06 Women take centre-stage in BSES’ crackdown on power theft English Hindi
4 2014-08-01 84 convicted for power-theft + 45 get Jail + Penalized Rs 5.6 crore in fines English Hindi
1 2014-07-23 BRPL’ Toll-Free number for Emergency (Fire & Shock) & Streetlight complaints English Hindi
2 2014-07-01 Largest Single Day Exercise Against Power-Theft Simultaneous raids unearth nearly 900 KW of power-theft; 248 cases booked English Hindi
1 2014-06-25 Monsoon Advisory : Simple precautions will go a long way in keeping Delhi safe English Hindi
2 2014-06-18 Delhi’s peak power demand touches 5528 MW, season’s highest English Hindi
1 2014-05-31 Power Alert English Hindi
2 2014-05-23 BSES discoms form ‘Vigilance’ Flying Squads to crack-down on power-theft at night English Hindi
3 2014-05-13 With plans for over 500+ 24 x 7 mass ‘power-theft’ raids, BSES takes campaign to a new high English Hindi
1 2014-04-16 Sarita Vihar resident & East Delhi Factory owner get 2 years Rigorous Imprisonment for Power Theft English Hindi
1 2014-03-25 BSES expresses solidarity with the Earth Hour 2014 English Hindi
2 2014-03-22 BYPL Bill payment counters to remain open every-day till March 31; BRPL Cash payment counters to remain open on Sunday, March 30 English Hindi
Sr.No Date Press Releases 2013 Download
1 2013-10-07 3 Industrialists & Tailoring Unit owner convicted for power theft Hindi
1 2013-09-16 BRPL continues future proofing its network Delhi Power Minister lays the foundation for Rs 50 crore Grid Hindi
2 2013-09-12 12 convicted by Special Courts for power theft, 7 get Rigorous Imprisonment;Cumulatively penalty of around Rs 3crore Hindi
3 2013-09-03 2 arrested for stealing a 100 KVA transformer Hindi
1 2013-07-25 Delhi CM inaugurates 66/11 KV Grid in Mayur Vihar Hindi
2 2013-07-22 Electricity towers to be shifted from Akshardham-Noida road; Power supply may be affected Hindi
3 2013-07-18 BRPL and Schneider Electric partner to help consumers bring about a reduction in energy consumption Hindi
4 2013-07-15 BRPL official threatened inside the ICU of AIIMS Trauma Centre Hindi
5 2013-07-09 BSES geared-up for the Ramzan Hindi
6 2013-07-01 On BSES’ 12th Raising Day - BSES employees contribute around Rs 35 lakh to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund Hindi
1 2013-06-28 Monsoon Advisory - Simple precautions will go a long way in keeping Delhi safe Hindi
2 2013-06-24 Power Alert: Delhi-Noida 220 KV transmission line continues to be under repair Initial attempts to repair unsuccessful Hindi
3 2013-06-19 BSES discoms closely monitoring Delhi flood situation Hindi
4 2013-06-14 BTPS-Ghazipur 220 KV network under repair Hindi
5 2013-06-11 West Delhi's power situation – meeting with the power minister Hindi
6 2013-06-01 BRPL geared-up to meet West Delhi’s growing power demand Hindi
1 2013-05-26 At your service – 24 x 7 Hindi
2 2013-05-16 BRPL' Enforcement team attacked in South Delhi's Shaheen Bagh area Hindi
3 2013-05-15 No Supply: Just Call 39999707 (BRPL) and 39999808 (BYPL) System will auto-recognize Customer details No need to remember CA number or even speak to an operator Hindi
4 2013-05-07 BRPL to help Haryana discom modernize its distribution network Hindi
1 2013-04-26 Special Courts come down heavily on power theft - 5 power thieves in South and West Delhi get rigorous imprisonment Hindi
2 2013-04-11 Just Call 39999707 (BRPL) and 39999808 (BYPL) and Check Status of 'New Connection' request.... without even speaking to an Operator Hindi
3 2013-04-05 Media Advisory - Safety is paramount! Hindi
1 2013-03-19 BSES expresses solidarity with Earth Hour initiative Hindi
2 2013-03-18 6 Mayur Vihar and Patel Nagar residents booked for power theft Hindi
3 2013-03-08 Unruly mob attacks a joint BRPL-Delhi Police team in Najafgarh during enforcement raid Hindi
1 2013-02-20 Power supply in Shankar Road, Old & New Rajinder Nagar improves Hindi
2 2013-02-14 Over 1 lakh people of West Delhi get 'immediate' Rs 60 crore 'power' boost Delhi Power Minister inaugurates BRPL' next gen unmanned 66/11 KVGrid Hindi
3 2013-02-08 BRPL adopts monthly billing for all consumers Hindi
4 2013-02-03 Delhi CM lays the foundation for Rs 26crore plan for South Delhi Hindi
1 2013-01-28 Court convicts Sri Chand Jain, PIL litigant for power theft Hindi
2 2013-01-16 Delhi Power Minister lays the foundation stone for BRPL 66/11 KV Grid Hindi
3 2013-01-11 With plans for 200+ 24 x 7 mass 'anti-power-theft' raids BRPL takes campaign to a new high Hindi
Sr.No Date Press Releases 2012 Download
1 2012-12-21 Illegally usurping, stocking, buying and selling electrical equipment can lead to jail of 3 year, fine or both Hindi
2 2012-12-18 Pay your dues within a week or face action: BSES to defaulters Hindi
3 2012-12-14 Special Court comes down heavily on 2 West Delhi factory owners for power-theft Hindi
1 2012-08-29 BRPL's neighbourhood Electrician training initiative Hindi
2 2012-09-09 BSES geared up for Diwali: Appeals to consumers to save the environment and stay clear of electric installations Hindi
1 2012-09-15 BRPL – DLSA Lok Adalat over the weekend settles 95% (or 1579 cases) on-the-spot Cases amounting to Rs 12.31 crores settled Hindi
2 2012-10-10 BRPL in association with DLSA to organize Lok Adalat For on-the-spot settlement of power-theft cases on October 13 and 14 Hindi
3 2012-10-05 Be Alert - Stay on guard against cheats/impostors Consumers targeted in South Delhi's posh R K Puram area Hindi
1 2012-09-28 Power Supply disconnected to the Peera Garhi Relief Camp in West Delhi
2 2012-09-26 MLAs fund installations of REAP in MCD schools for drinking & sanitation purposes Hindi
1 2012-08-31 Court convicts owner of a large Bakery in South Delhi for stealing power Hindi
2 2012-08-14 FIR registered against outsourced employee; caught red handed in extortion bid Hindi
3 2012-08-09 BSES' advisory on 65th Independence Day - Stay Safe and avoid flying kites near electric installations Hindi
1 2012-07-20 Delhiites to get LED's at never before prices Delhi CM inaugurates 'Light Life' - BRPL' strategic consumer initiative Hindi
2 2012-07-08 Monsoon Advisory: Simple precautions will go a long way in keeping Delhi safe Hindi
1 2012-05-18 For Ensuring Consumer Safety and Reliable Power Supply BRPL is sprucing-up its local LT Network Hindi
2 2012-05-10 BRPL to provide International Consultancy Hindi
1 2012-03-28 BSES expresses solidarity with the Earth Hour initiative Urges 28 lakh domestic consumers to "Switch off" during Earth Hour Hindi
2 2012-03-23 To meet the 'March' rush BRPL extends Cash Counter timings at it's over 100 centers Hindi
3 2012-03-20 Rs 8 crore fine & 3 years RI for Industrialist convicted for stealing 540 KW Court imposes unprecedented punishment Hindi
4 2012-03-05 Cricket Academy and a PVC factory caught stealing 109 KW of electricity fined Rs 99 lakh
1 2012-02-21 Delhi Power Minister lays the foundation stone for BRPL' state-of-the-art 66/11 KV Grid Sub Station in West Delhi Hindi
2 2012-02-07 One-Year Rigorous Imprisonment, Rs 42 lakh fine for a wealthy Industrialist convicted of stealing power Hindi
1 2012-01-24 BRPL gets going on Non Tariff Revenue Partners Axis Bank in installing ATM's at its locations Hindi
2 2012-01-20 BSES Yamuna Power Ltd introduces 'Renewable Energy Assisted Pump' Hindi
3 2012-01-18 Over 2000 Cases and Rs 7.61 crore settled in the 'power' Lok Adalat Hindi
4 2012-01-17 'Dressing Down' and Clever Sleuthing ends the free 'power' reign for factory owner Fined Rs 1.35 crore Hindi
5 2012-01-06 Special Lok Adalat for South and West Delhi 'power' customers on January 14 and 15 Hindi
Sr.No Date Press Releases 2002 Download
1 2002-12-10 66 Kv grid substation commission at Hari Nagar
2 2002-12-17 BSES wins Rajiv Gandhi National quality award
1 2002-11-05 BSES DISCOM cash counters to remain closed
2 2002-11-08 PRESS STATEMENT. The subject matter of the supply of electricity to Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has been coming under discussions.
3 2002-11-29 BSES DISCOMS have denied MCD claims of non payment of dues to the civic authority and poor street lighting in their areas.
1 2002-08-26 BSES DISCOM cash counters to remain open on all days
2 2002-08-14 BSES renames distribution companies
1 2002-01-14 Chief Minister commissions 33 KV grid substation at Chandni Chowk
Sr.No Date Press Releases 2003 Download
1 2003-12-22 Overwhelming response to BSES special voluntary retirement scheme
1 2003-11-28 BSES cash counters to remain open on all days
2 2002-11-19 BSES Discoms announce unique voluntary retirement scheme.
1 2003-09-23 Chief Minister Commissions 66 / 11 Kv grid substation at Pappankalan, Dwarka
1 2003-04-28 Major breakdown at Transco grid leads to load shedding in BSES areas
1 2003-02-17 New Chief Executive for BSES Discoms.
1 2003-01-11 BSES Yamuna and BSES Rajdhani Announce Meter Camps.
Sr.No Date Press Releases 2004 Download
1 2004-12-20 BSES pavilion at the Bhagidari Utsav drew the maximum crowd and was appreciated by one and all
2 2004-12-20 BSES catches touts and takes strong action against company employees who facilitated this illegal activity
3 2004-12-20 RIL Board to meet on December 27, 2004 to consider Share Buyback
1 2004-11-01 BSES enforcement team attacked 500 Illegal tappings removed
2 2004-11-01 BSES launches "Roshni" drive
3 2004-12-19 BSES CEO addresses consumer queries in a live television show
4 2004-11-22 No more manual meter reading - thanks to BSES
1 2004-10-01 ["90-September"]
2 2004-10-12 BSES Launches "Roshni" Drive
3 2004-10-24 BSES`s Special Enforcement Drive to curb power theft
4 2004-10-28 BSES`s Special Enforcement Drive nets Rs One Crore
Sr.No Date Press Releases 2005 Download
1 2005-12-30 BSES Brings Customer Care at your Doorstep
2 2005-12-24 BSES unearths power theft of 436 KW, worth 1.75 crores , 3 arrested, FIR lodged
3 2005-12-16 BSES detects electricity theft of 1780 KW, worth Rs.2.78 crore, FIR Lodged at Tilak Nagar Police Station
4 2005-12-13 RWA's respond overwhelmingly to BSES initiative to train Electricians.
5 2005-12-09 Court denies bail to electricity thief orders 2 years Rigorous Imprisonment & Rs. 6 lakh fine
6 2005-12-07 BSES enforcement team successfully curbs power theft of 500 KW in a single day
7 2005-12-05 BSES files case against two time offenders in the Special Court today
8 2005-12-05 DISCOMS Launch Nil Late Payment Surcharge Scheme
9 2005-12-02 BSES Launches an Online Bill Payment Facility
10 2005-12-01 State-of-the-art Customer Care Centre and Division Office Inaugurated
11 2005-12-01 Three Floor building with 93 rooms rented out and only one meter
1 2005-11-21 Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum (CGRF) dismisses complaint against Electronic Meters
2 2005-11-18 BYPL launches Awareness Campaign
1 2005-10-26 FIR lodged against power thieves; booked for over Rs 1.3 crore
2 2005-10-21 Text of Circular issued today by BSES management:
3 2005-10-21 Two contract employees indulging in extortion expelled by BSES
5 2005-10-11 State-of-the-art BSES' High Voltage Distribution System energized at Hastsal
1 2005-09-21 BSES takes stern action against erring officials
2 2005-09-03 5568 cases resolved on-the-spot in seven consecutive Saturdays
3 2005-09-03 FIR lodged against Copper Wire manufacturer; caught red-handed stealing power once again by vigilant BSES Enforcement Team
4 2005-09-02 Free Meter Testing Camp organized at Paharganj Division of BSES
1 2005-08-17 Power Minister inaugurates BSES' Shastri Park Grid Sub station
2 2005-08-12 BSES officials assaulted by "power thief"
3 2005-08-12 BSES launches drive to resolve meter and cable related complaints
4 2005-08-08 BSES relocates Nehru Place Division office
5 2005-08-07 Over 800 consumers apply for meter test CPRI gives clean chit to BSES meters
6 2005-08-02 BSES appoints Chief Operating Officers for BYPL & BRPL DISCOMS
7 2005-08-02 BSES presents 12-point Action Plan to Chief Minister Regaining consumer confidence top priority
1 2005-07-28 For BSES Consumer is King On-the-spot Redressal for over 2300 consumers
2 2005-07-25 'Network Innovation Award' conferred on BSES'
3 2005-07-21 BSES nabs three persons with stolen meters, Court orders police remand
4 2005-07-18 BSES launches Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) for the benefit of its consumers
5 2005-07-16 BSES invests Rs Five crore to refurbish & augment 33KV Motia Khan Grid Sub Station
6 2005-07-15 BSES apprehends two imposters, hands them over to Sadar Bazar Police Station
7 2005-07-12 BSES strengthens Consumer Grievances Redressal System in all 33 divisional offices
8 2005-07-11 BSES celebrates onset of monsoon Embarks on "Tree Plantation" week
9 2005-07-11 BSES launches Rs 30 crore project to install Distribution Transformer Management System (DTMS) units in 8700 transformers in its area
10 2005-07-05 'Tip-off on BSES anti-corruption number leads to successful raid on illegal contractor
1 2005-06-23 BSES announces new 'Power Supply' helpline numbers.
2 2005-06-18 BSES catches tout at Karkardooma
1 2005-05-27 Judge asks police to lodge FIR in meter tampering case.
2 2005-05-24 Power Minister dedicates 990KVA package substation to the residents of Chandni Chowk.
3 2005-05-20 BSES opens its first 24X7 West Delhi O&M Customer Care Centre.
4 2005-05-19 BSES offers Jama Masjid residents a spanking new Customer Care Centre.
5 2005-05-18 BSES opens a brand new Customer Care Centre at Vasant Vihar
6 2005-05-05 BSES Enforcement team stops theft of 68000 KW of electricity, books 15000 cases
7 2005-05-03 BSES takes stern action against erring contractors
1 2005-04-26 Chief Minister dedicates 66KV Yamuna Vihar Grid Station to residents of East Delhi.
2 2005-04-06 Consumers can now pay bills 365 days a year - including Sundays and Holidays
1 2005-03-28 BSES contributes Rs 25 lacs towards Tsunami relief
1 2005-02-26 Hundreds of BSES consumers voluntarily and to their satisfaction get their meters tested by CPRI, an independent Bangalore-based agency. The agency also sample-tests over 2.50lk
Sr.No Date Press Releases 2006 Download
1 2006-12-24 BSES celebrates National Consumer Day... Organises `BSES Aapke Dwar` for the residents of Saket
2 2006-12-20 Two `Big Fish` including a land lord and a steel tube manufacturer sent to Tihar... for stealing power
3 2006-12-13 Delhi all set to experience a NO POWER CUTS ERA
4 2006-12-06 "Maharaj Singh caught stealing power for the second time Remanded to Judicial Custody for 14 days"
1 2006-11-30 November 29: Munnabhai sent to Tihar Jail
2 2006-11-30 Marriage Pandal owner (Tentwala) remanded to Judicial Custody
3 2006-11-26 Two industrialists remanded to Judicial Custody for 14 days for stealing power Earlier the accused had been cumulatively penalised over Rs 1 crore by BSES
4 2006-11-16 Businessman caught stealing 15 KW of electricity, sent to Jail by the Special Court
1 2006-10-27 BSES takes customer case to the next level: launches "BSES Apke Dwar"
2 2006-10-24 Buy 1 CFL bulb, Get another absolutely free - is BSES offer for the Energy Conversation initiative
3 2006-10-16 Joint Delhi Police-BSES operation busts an illegal electricity distribution network; Posh garment showroom caught for power theft, Over Rs 80 lakh in penalties
1 2006-09-29 15 Ramleela organizers penalized for stealing over 1100 KW of electricity
2 2006-09-26 Rs. 1.26 crore penalty imposed on organizers of popular singer. Hans Raj Han's concert on account of stealing power
3 2006-09-25 Special Court takes a serious view of repeated power theft by a Paharganj factory / showroom owner; orders kurki-jabti (attachment of property) notice and sends him to Tihar Jail
4 2006-09-05 A major step towards nailing power theft: Lok Sabha MP Sandeep Dikshit inaugurates Mass Network Modernization Program (MNMP)
5 2006-09-01 Special Court to adjudicate power theft cases inaugurated, Will help curb alarming electricity theft menace in the national capital
6 2006-10-06 Meter tampering gang caught red-handed following a consumer-assisted sting operation, guilty sent to Tihar Jail
1 2006-07-21 Mother and Son duo sent to Tihar Jail for power theft, Released on Rs 1 lakh bail , Meter Tamperers caught red handed, sent to Tihar jail for 14 days
2 2006-07-21 Patiala House rejects anticipatory bail for Sangam Vihar SPD Contractor, arrest warrant issued against absconding SPD Contractor
3 2006-07-18 Monsoon are here - help us serve better
4 2006-07-13 Factory owner arrested and sent to 14 days Judicial Custody, Caught red-handed for stealing a MCD Park meter and installing it in the factory, Liable to be imposed a penalty of Rs 1 crore
5 2006-07-10 Power thieves attack BSES enforcement team, sent to Tihar Jail
6 2006-07-03 BSES Teams unearth power theft of 4300 KW, amounting to Rs. 17.3 crore in penalties
1 2006-06-23 Four illegal ice factories sealed caught red-handed stealing 300 KW electricity Penalty of Rs 2.8 crore being imposed SDM led BSES enforcement and Delhi Police raiding party
2 2006-06-19 Customers advocating 50% payment, agree to pay 100%
3 2006-06-13 RWA's experience SCADA - Hands on !!
4 2006-06-09 BSES unearths 362 cases of power theft in Darya Ganj and Chandni Chowk, Totaling 3150 KW, accounting to nearly Rs. 9 crore in penalties.
5 2006-06-07 BSES releases four months (June-September) easy to read and customer friendly load shedding schedule.
6 2006-06-01 Don't get Misled : Pay your bills on time.
1 2006-05-29 CNG Station, Kushth Ashram & Anand Parbat industrial units.
2 2006-05-29 Delhi CM Smt Sheila Dikshit unveils BSES's state-of-the-art SCADA
3 2006-05-15 Caution ! Customers urged to guard against imposters.
4 2006-05-07 BSES's plan to minimize inconvenience due to power shortage
5 2006-05-06 Leading Jeweller caught for power theft - for the third time , Police called in.
1 2006-04-28 BSES Teams implementing High Court appointed Lok Adalat Orders beaten up, and confined.
2 2006-04-28 BSES dedicates the Rs 15 crore (66/33/11/KV) Jasola Grid Station to South Delhi Consumers
3 2006-04-24 Eye Hospital at Pusa Road caught stealing electricity
4 2006-04-19 A giant step to improve Power Supply : BSES dedicates Rs. 12 crores Paschim Vihar Grid to West Delhi consumers.
5 2006-04-04 Two sent to Tihar Jail, Anticipatory Bail application of another dismissed for Power Theft.
1 2006-03-27 BSES nabs contractors stealing 6500 KW - electricity enough to power six Five Star Hotels; Penalties around Rs 9 crore to be imposed.
2 2006-03-23 Mr. Lalit Jalan takes over as CEO of BSES
3 2006-03-17 Two petrol pumps on the way to the Airport caught stealing power by BSES
4 2006-03-13 Power Theft : BSES turns the Heat on Markets : raids 36 MCD authorized shops and two "popular" hotels in Karol Bagh and Anand Parbat
5 2006-03-07 Kushth Asharam (Leprosy Home) caught stealing power worth Rs. 2.76 crores.
6 2006-03-06 Court room Drama: Customer asked to pay Rs 3.34 crores in Electricity Dues - Plaintiff manhandles BSES legal team in Court Premises.
7 2006-03-02 Special Court sets aside a Consumer Forum directive, Orders power thief to pay 100 % penalty; Anticipatory bail of another accused Sapan Banerjee rejected.
1 2006-02-27 A retired ACP, a posh South Delhi Guest House & four SPD contractors booked for power theft of 3000 KW. Rs. 3.25 crore penalty impos
2 2006-02-23 Two sent to Tihar for stealing power for a Marriage pandal (venue)
3 2006-02-14 Another SPD contractor caught red-handed Slapped penalty of Rs 1.30 crore for Power Theft
4 2006-02-10 BSES offers yet another option to make online payment of bills easy - payments through cash cards
5 2006-02-07 BSES revolutionizes bill payment: launches payment through SMS, Phone, Internet and Auto Debit
6 2006-02-06 BSES nets 'Big Fish' - South Delhi's Page 3 Restaurants and Guest Houses caught red handed indulging in power theft
7 2006-02-03 Joint raids Delhi Police and BSES unearths power theft from a 20 room residential complex and an industrial unit
1 2006-01-30 BSES detects over 70 cases of power theft in South Delhi's posh residential area of Malviya Nagar
2 2006-01-17 Karkardooma Court sends two power thieves to Tihar Jail and Rejects anticipatory bail of one
3 2006-01-16 Affluent customers not averse to tampering, finds BSES Enforcement team
4 2006-01-06 Late Payment Surcharge Scheme - Extended till February 6, 2006
5 2006-01-05 BSES targets areas, where theft is a way of Life
6 2006-01-05 BSES unveils New Customer Care Helpline Numbers
Sr.No Date Press Releases 2007 Download
1 2007-12-24 BSES celebrates National Consumer Day... Organises `BSES Aapke Dwar` for the residents of Saket Hindi
2 2007-12-20 Two `Big Fish` including a land lord and a steel tube manufacturer sent to Tihar... for stealing power Hindi
3 2007-12-13 Delhi all set to experience a NO POWER CUTS ERA
4 2007-12-06 "Maharaj Singh caught stealing power for the second time Remanded to Judicial Custody for 14 days" Hindi
1 2007-11-30 November 29: Munnabhai sent to Tihar Jail Hindi
2 2007-11-30 Marriage Pandal owner (Tentwala) remanded to Judicial Custody Hindi
3 2007-11-26 Two industrialists remanded to Judicial Custody for 14 days for stealing power Earlier the accused had been cumulatively penalised over Rs 1 crore by BSES
4 2007-11-16 Businessman caught stealing 15 KW of electricity, sent to Jail by the Special Court Hindi
1 2007-09-27 Cycle parts manufacture caught stealing 50 KW of electricity in Vishwas Nagar ,A 50 strong joint contingent of BSES, CISF and Delhi Police apprehends Hindi
2 2007-09-19 Now organizers of a Ganpati Mahotsav caught stealing 107 KW power BSES renews its appeal to all such organizers to take `temporary electricity connections' Hindi
3 2007-09-17 BSES launches Project Parivartan the Rs 8 crore initiative to reduce AT & C losses in high power theft areas of South Delhi
4 2007-09-12 Meter Tamperer of a recent TV "sting" operation arrested In another case, alert customer helps BSES nab two imposters Hindi
5 2007-09-07 Special Court convicts a Nangloi Tyre Showroom owner of power theft ..Sentenced to one year jail and penalised Rs 3.3 lakh Hindi
6 2007-09-05 Contemporary Lord Krishna devotees Stealing Electricity, not Butter Nine Janamashtmi Organisers caught stealing over 450 KW of power; face penalty of Rs 2 crore Hindi
1 2007-08-31 BSES to gift CFLs to those who help check power theft 25,000 CFLs will be distributed during the first phase of this innovative reward scheme Hindi
2 2007-08-16 Imposters strike again this time with forged BSES stationary to extort money BSES urges customers to be on alert Demand ID proof & Pay ONLY at BSES designated offices Hindi
3 2007-08-08 8 houses = 200 rooms = 150 KW of power theft Mob attacks a joint contingent of BSES Enforcement, CISF and Delhi Police teams Hindi
1 2007-06-09 Rising Temperatures Rising Power Demand Conserve Electricity Hindi
2 2007-06-05 350+ strong mob attacks a 40 + strong contingent of BSES Enforcement, CISF and Delhi Police personnel on an anti power theft raid Hindi
1 2007-04-25 14 day jail term to three power thieves including a SPD contractor and a PVC Polythene manufacturer Hindi
2 2007-04-20 BSES' "Buy One Get 1 Free CFL scheme extended till June 30, 2007 Hindi
3 2007-04-17 For stealing power, Special Court sentences prominent factory owners to Tihar for two year; directs them to pay over Rs 4 lakh in penalties Hindi
1 2007-03-29 Caution: Customers are urged to guard against imposters posing as BSES employees Hindi
2 2007-03-17 Railways caught stealing electricity 100 % electricity requirement of Nizammudin Railway Colony being directly tapped (stolen) from BSES overhead system.
3 2007-03-15 BSES vows to erase Delhi`s "Power theft Capital` Image... .Makes it easier than ever before to report power theft
4 2007-03-05 Take two: BSES re-launches electrician training program on popular demand by RWA`s
1 2007-02-15 Joint Delhi Police and BSES Enforcement Team assaulted, Two sent to Tihar for two weeks Hindi
2 2007-02-13 Next-Gen Modernisation BSES successfully automates Street Lights using microprocessor technology Hindi
3 2007-02-07 Two `Industrialists` sent to jail on power theft charges and Gang of Transformer Thieves busted
1 2007-01-24 BSES organizes first "Aapke Dwar" for Industrial and Bulk customers
2 2007-01-11 Two weeks in Tihar for intimidating and obstructing BSES officials on duty Hindi
3 2007-01-08 Attention! BSES to start a massive anti power theft campaign during peak hours at night
4 2007-01-02 On popular demand, BSES` Buy One, Get One Free` CFL offer extended till March 31, 2007
Sr.No Date Press Releases 2011 Download
1 2011-09-30 Two habitual Power Thieves to spend this festival season in Tihar
2 2011-09-26 BSES extends payments options for its customers Hindi
1 2011-08-10 Power Theft: CEO gets 2 years Jail, fined Rs 38 lakh Hindi
1 2011-07-29 Four storied electroplating factories caught stealing 70 KW power, penalised Rs 25 lakh Hindi
2 2011-07-06 Team BSES comes forward to donate 137 units of Blood Hindi
1 2011-06-28 BSES' Monsoon Advisory Hindi
2 2011-06-14 In a first, Special Court orders attachment of properties of Power Thieves defaulting on their Lok Adalat 'settlement' Hindi
1 2011-05-24 BSES launches "My Cool Idea" initiative Hindi
1 2011-04-19 BSES Customers in South and West can now pay bills by using Cards Hindi
2 2011-04-08 BRPL' anti-power theft campaign creates new records 90 Days, 180 Mass Raids 34,000 KW unearthed, 4840 cases booked Hindi
1 2011-03-24 BSES expresses solidarity with Earth Hour initiative; Urges domestic consumers to "Switch off" during Earth Hour for the sake of Climate Hindi
2 2011-03-23 Special Court bars Toy manufacturer from getting electricity, fined Rs 1.18 cr, 18 months RI Hindi
3 2011-03-11 BSES Power Alert for South & West Delhi Hindi
4 2011-03-09 BSES Power Alert Hindi
5 2011-03-03 Factory owner gets 1 year Rigorous Imprisonment for power theft, fined Rs 30 lakh. Hindi
1 2011-02-15 High-profile people in posh localities indulging in power-theft Hindi
2 2011-02-07 BSES discoms caution against overloading transformers due to power theft and insuffifient sanctioned load Hindi
1 2011-01-24 Power Theft: CEO gets 2 years Jail, fined Rs 38 lakh Hindi
2 2011-01-17 With plans for 200+ mass 'power-theft' raids 24 x 7, BSES takes campaign to a new high Hindi
3 2011-01-14 Project ARPAN: BSES reaches out to the underprivileged, donates over 3000 woolens & blankets Hindi