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E-bill service provides you with the convenience of receiving your monthly electricity bill in your inbox.

E-bill service has the following benefits:

  • Bill on the go – Gone are the days to wait for your energy bills. View on the go, with colored bills right in your e mail.
  • Convenience – Your bill to follow your command – view it as many times, print at your wish.
  • Important updates from BRPL
  • After a consecutive period of 3 (three) billing cycles, the hard copy of the bill may be stopped
  • Why waiting ! Take the Green Initiative
  • The E-bill facility is free of cost.
SMS benefits:
  • Current billed amount with due date
  • Payment acknowledgement Payment alerts
  • Area Power Outage alerts along with expected restoration time
  • Important updates from BRPL
How does one subscribe to E-bill service?
  1. If you are already a registered customer on BSES Website:

    Click on the link below:

    Login to Update your details
    • Insert your login name and password
    • Click on "Submit" button
    • Tick the check box which you want to update
    • You may update your profile for changes, if any
  2. If you are not Registered on BSES Website:

    Click on the link below to Opt for E-Bill:

    Opt for E bill
    • Enter your 9 digit valid CA number & registered mobile number
    • Verify existing email id (if any) or update email id as desired
    • Click "Opt for E-Bill" to successfully register for e-bill

    Further, the consumer can go through the following mediums :

  3. Click on the link below for SMS: Register yourself for SMS
    • Enter your My Account credentials to login
    • Click on “Login" button
    • To active the SMS service, tick the check box
    • Click on "Submit" button
    • For any assistance, please call at 19123 or write to us at