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E Mobility

BSES Rajdhani Power Ltd. (BRPL) as a responsible and environment conscious & regulated power distribution licensee is actively performing the following key roles:

a) Reduce carbon footprint through clean mobility as well as higher share of RE power in portfolio

b) Play a lead role and set examples as a responsible, corporate player for faster adoption of electric mobility

c) Demonstrate the adequacy & feasibility of the present EV technology & EV charging Infra so as to alleviate possible consumer issues including range anxiety

BRPL is also a member of EV100 club and committed to electrify its fleet in a phased manner

BRPL being a regulated distribution licensee under Electricity Act 2003 is committed towards providing services and strengthening the distribution infrastructure in an optimal manner to promote electric mobility without impacting the service level of existing consumers. The majority of EV charging (2,3 &4 wheelers) are expected to be on LT network which is going to be interspersed with existing consumer.


Captive Charging station / Public Charging station:

We are actively engaging with key stakeholders for creation of an ecosystem for the promotion of E-mobility. In case you wish to setup a charging infra in BSES Rajdhani Power Limited (BRPL) Licensee area (South & West Delhi), please provide the information in the interest form provided in the link below and email to us at:

S.No. Form Download
1 EV New Connection form
2 Technical Evaluation Report for EV Charging station
3 Checklist of activities to be performed by Charging station owner / operator
4 Indemnity Bond
5 Metering Panel arrangement for Roadside EV charging units
6 Wiring Test Report Format


S.No. Important Documents Download
1 CEA safety guidelines for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
2 MoP Revised Guidelines and standards for charging infrastructure for Electric Vehicles
3 Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy, 2020
4 CEA Technical Standards for Connectivity of the Distributed Generation Resources, Amendment Regulations.
5 MoP Revised Consolidated Guidelines & Standards for Electric vehicle charging Infrastructure (EVCI) dated 14th Jan 2022
6 Mandatory registration for public charging stations on to get EV connection


S.No. Reports & Documents Download
1 Consumer Insights for Electric Vehicle Charging Programs - Delhi
2 Utility Led Electric Vehicle Charging Programs
3 BRPL Consumer Information Booklet for Private Charging Program