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DERC REgulations

Sr.No Regulation Documents Download
1 Business Plan Regulations, 2017 pdf
2 corrigendum to DERC(terms and conditions for determination of tariff) Regulations,2017 pdf
3 DERC (Terms and Conditions for Determination of Tariff ) Regulations, 2017 pdf
4 DERC_Renewable_Energy_Net_Metering_Regulations_2014 pdf
5 Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (Demand Side Management) Regulations, 2014 pdf
6 Guidelines under DERC (Net Metering for Renewable Energy) Regulations, 2014 pdf
7 Open Access Regulations, 2006 pdf
8 DERC (Renewable purchase Obligations and Renewable Energy Framework implementation) Regulation,2012 pdf
9 DERC (Treatment of Income from Other Business of Transmission Licensee and Distribution Licensee) Regulations, 2005 pdf