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Energy Conservation Tips

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We tend to ignore many minute aspects of energy conservation.
Respond to this short questionnaire and Pandit Ji will provide you with recommendations helping you make small changes in your energy usage
pattern. Do your bit for the environment for a better tomorrow !!

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Energy Conservation tips
  • Don't keep Electrical Gadgets "ON" in idle condition.
  • Always provide doors & windows to admit natural light ( Sunlight ) to avoid using electricity in homes or offices during the day.
  • To avoid leakage always use Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker / Residual Current Circuit Breaker in circuit.
  • Always buy fewer bulbs of higher wattage rather than many of lower wattage.
  • Always buy electrical gadgets with capacity according to your needs & not of much higher rating e.g.larger refrigerators consume more electricity.
  • Use Compact Fluorescent Lamps to reduce electricity consumption substantially
  • Ensure proper Earthing in your premises.
  • Use electronic regulators for ceiling fans.
  • Avoid storing hot / warm food in refrigerators.
  • Turn-off decorative & non-essential lights especially in unoccupied areas.