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Safety Tips - Do's and Don'ts

Do's and Don'ts
Do's Don'ts
Do plug power equipment into wall receptacles with power switches in the OFF position. Do not drape power cords over hot pipes, radiators or sharp objects.
Do unplug electrical equipment by grasping the plug and then pulling. Do not pull or jerk the cord to unplug the equipment. Do not plug equipment into defective receptacles.
Do check the receptacle for missing or damaged parts. Do not use non standard plugs, extension cords with junction box receptacle ends or other unsafe equipment.
Do check for defective cord clamps at locations where the power cord enters the equipment for the attachment plug. Do not use consumer electrical equipment or appliances if not properly grounded
Maintenance personnel should know the location of electrical circuit breaker panels that control equipment and lighting in their respective areas. Circuits and equipments disconnects must be identified. Do not store materials temporarily or permanently within 3 feet of any electrical panel or electrical equipment.
Use a danger tag on any electrical equipment which causes shocks or has high leakage.