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An ordinary bulb is an extremely energy inefficient form of lighting with just 5% of the electricity input converted to light. Efficient light bulbs like Light-emitting Diode (LEDs) consumes only one-tenth of energy used by ordinary bulb to provide the same or better light output.

"UJALA" - an acronym for UnnatJyoti by Affordable LEDs for All formally labelled as DELP (Domestic Efficient Lighting Program) is an initiative of Ministry of Power, Government of India’s to promote efficient use of energy at the residential level and enhance the awareness of customers about the efficacy of using energy efficient appliances.


The main objective is to promote efficient lighting, enhance awareness on using efficient equipment which reduce electricity bills and help preserve environment.

Implementation agencies:

BRPL (BSES Rajdhani Power) in collaboration with EESL (Energy Efficiency Services Limited) is facilitating distribution of 9W LED Bulbs and 20W LED Tube Lights.

Benefits of the Scheme:

The customer will get a branded 9 W LED bulbs and 20 W LED tube lights at most discounted price in comparison to market price. Customer’s electricity bill will be reduced with usage of each LED bulb and LED tube light thus making the cost recovery earlier. This will lead to savings in electricity and lower consumption of fossil fuels thus benefiting the environment. LEDs are completely safe and do not represent any hazard to the human eye. When compared to CFLs, LEDs do not have mercury and therefore, have no negative impact on environment.

Price of Appliances:

  1. 9W LED bulbs at affordable cost of Rs. 70/- each inclusive of GST
  2. 20W Energy Efficient LED Tube light at affordable cost of Rs. 220/- inclusive of GST

Eligibility Criteria:

Every domestic/commercial/industrial/other consumers of BRPL having recent electricity bill or authorized ID proof (Aadhar, Voter Card, Driving License, passport, PAN card) is eligible to get the LED bulbs and LED tube lights under the UJALA Scheme.

Location for Procuring Appliances:

The appliances are distributed through counters set up at BRPL customer care Centre at 23 locations.

Click here to Download List of Centres.

Consumers can buy these appliances during awareness campaign also which is launched time to time.

Documents/evidence is required to be given to get LED Bulbs and LED Tube Lights

The following documents must be shown as evidence:

  1. Original copy of recent electricity bill or
  2. Original copy of photo ID proof (Aadhar, Voter Card, Driving License, passport, PAN card)


There is no limit of distribution bulbs, tube lights and ceiling fans therefore customers can avail the appliances after showing Id proof or electricity bill copy.

Defective Appliances:

EESL is providing extended warranty for replacement of the faulty LED Bulbs free of cost for 1 year and 20W Energy Efficient LED Tube lights for 3 years at free of cost commencing from distribution of to the customer. During the distribution, replacements of any faulty bulbs/tube lights can be done at the following address.

Name of the contact Person: Sunil Kumar

Address: Plot No:139, Metro Pillar No. – 179, Vipin Garden, Dwarka Mor, New Delhi

EESL shall be the sole responsible agency for providing the warranty to Customers for bulb, Tube lights.

Customers must keep the invoice receipts in safe custody to avail the warranty. Only the LED bulbs, tube lights with UJALA branding shall be replaced.

Responsibility for ensuring performance and service of the products:

EESL shall be sole responsible for the performance and service of the LED bulbs and LED Tube lights distributed under program.

Registering  Complaints:

Complaints can be registered at EESL portal or customer care number provided by EESL.

Power saving comparison:

No of Bulb/Tube light /Fan Numbers 1 1
Replacing against conventional light/fan   ICL& CFL(ICL = 100W + CFL= 18W) FTL (FTL =36W+ Ballast =8W)
Wattage of ICL/CFL (Average) Watt 59 46
Wattage of Energy Efficient Appliances Watt 9 20
Power Saving Watt 50 26
Power saving (Approx.) % 85% 56%
Free of Cost warranty Years 1 3