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Electricity demands are continuously increasing and to meet the increasing demand of electricity, the electrical infrastructure must be improved within the generation, transmission and distribution systems to supply in a safe, secure and economical manner. Electricity demand during the peak summer is breaking the previous records. In this summer Power demand in Delhi crossed the magical figure 6500 MW and reached up to 6526 MW on 06th June, 2017 when mercury touched to 430C.

Demand Side Management is the best tool used to balance/curtain the exponential electricity demand growth for reducing the individual electricity consumption by promoting the most energy efficient appliances, controlling the behaviours of electricity consumption and promoting the utilization of renewal source of energy.

In BRPL, Afternoon Peak is addressed by Solar Rooftop (Net Metering) system where as Evening Peak is addressed by distribution of LED Bulbs, LED Tube lights, Energy Efficient Fans and LED Street Lights.

Ongoing DSM Scheme in BRPL

1  Energy Efficient LED lighting Scheme

BRPL in collaboration with EESL (Energy Efficiency Services Limited) is facilitating the distribution of highly subsidized LED bulbs in its licensed area. Under this scheme 9W LED bulbs are available at a discounted price of Rs. 70 each (After GST) to the consumers with three years warranty. The 9 W LED Bulbs are distributed through counters set up at BRPL customer care centre at all 19 divisions.

2  LED Tube light Distribution Scheme

BRPL is in Collaboration with EESL is facilitating distribution of highly subsidized LED Tube lights in its licensed area. Under this scheme, a consumer can buy LED Tube lights of 20 watts at heavily subsidized price of Rs. 220 each (After GST). Each of the LED tube lights is backed by the manufacturer 3 years warranty.

The wattage of the LED Tube light is 20 W as against conventional tube light of 40 W. Thus giving the direct power saving is 20 W per tube light.

The 20W LED Tube lights are distributed through counters set up at BRPL customer care centre at all 19 divisions.

3  BEE 5 star rated Energy Efficient Fan Scheme

This scheme offers 5 Star Energy Efficient Fans, 50 W, to consumers of BRPL at discounted price the fan will have a replacement warranty of two years for any defect.

The price of Fan is fixed at Rs 1110/-per Fan (After GST). The saving expected per Fan is 25W per hour.


The 50W BEE 5 star rated Energy Efficient Fan are distributed through counters set up at BRPL customer care centre at all 19 divisions.

4  Roof-Top Solar Net Metering

BSES became the first discom in Delhi to energise roof- top solar ‘net – metering’ arrangements in South and South West Delhi. Roof top solar net metering allows consumers to generate electricity for self-consumption and sell surplus, if any to the discom. Discom pay consumers for the surplus energy generated over and above their own consumption as per DERC guidelines. Domestic and Commercial consumers can recover return on investment in around 7 to 9 years.

5  LED based Street Lighting National Programme (SLNP) in SDMC in BRPL Distribution Area:

EESL has signed a tripartite agreement with BSES and SDMC to install LED based street lights. In phase 1, Under the SLNP, SDMC area alone accounts for over 2 lakhs street lights replacements. The commutative annual energy saving in SDMC through this program is 2.65 crore KWh which has helped to avoid capacity addition of 6.6 MW, resulting in a daily reduction of 22,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases.

Street lighting National program Phase II 75,000 more street lights installation are in progress with more focus on installation in Parks.

Upcoming DSM Scheme in BRPL

1  Rebate based AC Replacement Scheme

Air Conditioner load is major contributor in peak demand. The 51% AC used are non-rated ACs. To incentivise replacement of old AC by buying of 5 star AC or Inverter AC at discounted rate. DERC has approved the BEE 5 star rated Energy efficient Rebate based AC replacement Scheme. The scheme is going to be launched shortly.

Under this Scheme, BRPL intends to offer BEE 5 Star rated Energy Efficient Air Conditioners to BRPL’s Consumers as a replacement for old  Air Conditioner in working condition.

Scheme offers 10000 BEE 5 star rated Energy Efficient Air Conditioner to the consumers on first come first serve basis.

Customers of BRPL having zero energy and enforcement dues and having authorized ID proof (Aadhar, Voter Card, Driving License, passport, PAN card) can be facilitated through this scheme. A maximum number of 3 Acs shall be offered to a consumer.

Scheme is valid up to 20.09.2018.

2  Demand Response Program:

The DR Program will include the participation of a number of medium-to-large energy consumers with measured demands of 350 kW or more which can rapidly create “negawatts” (i.e., negative watts) at peak hours/ times by curtailing energy usage in a pre-planned way. Curtailments during peak hours taps into the inherent waste in electricity consumption in many situations, where more than 10% of the energy being consumed can be curtailed without any impact on normal operations through carefully designed curtailment programs, and made available back to the grid during peak hours.

The international consulting firm ICF and Shakti Foundation has carried out a pilot DR project in BSES. Based on the success of the initiative that saved 17 MW power, the Demand Response (DR) program will be gradually rolled-out across BSES area of east, central, south and west Delhi. BSES is initially targeting power savings of around 2 to 5 per cent of the peak demand. Through this initiative, we can target power savings between 30 to 75 MW. 

3  Behavioral Energy Efficiency Program

BRPL has signed a MOU for a project on behavioural energy efficiency with OPOWER, ORACLE, USA. The Pilot project will be launched very soon. The program will provide selected residential consumers with personalized Home Energy Reports (HERs) and an integrated web portal.

It’s a 2 year project which will demonstrate the efficacy of OPOWER’s software to reduce energy waste, curtail peak-hour consumption, and improve customer engagement among 200000 residential electricity customers. We expect a grant of between USD 700,000 and USD 1million over 2 year from USTDA.

4  Energy Efficient Solar Agricultural Pump Scheme:

BRPL is exploring the possibility to use Energy Efficient Solar Agricultural Pump in its licensed area. There is 5033 Agricultural connection in BRPL and Tariff Rate of Agricultural category is Rs 2.75 / unit. Installation of Energy Efficient solar Agricultural pump will reduce the network cost as well as T&D Loss.