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Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB)

Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB)

Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB) Content

Promotion of Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB)and 16A Wifi Smart Plug in association with Havells

To ensure safety of users against hazards of electric leakage, BSES Rajdhani Power Ltd (BRPL) joined hands with Havells India to strengthen the distribution of electrical protection devices in South and West Delhi and to drastically reduce the electricity related accidents which result in loss of life and property.

As per the DERC (Supply Code and Performance Standards) Regulations, 2017, it’s mandatory for all the consumers having sanctioned load of 2kW to have an ELCB installed at their premises.

1. What is ELCB?
Ans ELCB or Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker is a type of circuit breaker that is used for protection against leakage current. It breaks the circuit & disconnects the power supply to the load when it senses the leakage current. The earth leakage can cause electrical shocks that can be fatal. However, this is an old technology & is not in common use. RCCB being a current sensitive device have a better advantage over ELCB.
2. What is RCCB?
Ans The Residual Current Circuit breakers (RCCB) is basically an electrical wiring device that disconnects the circuit whenever there is leakage of current flow through the Human body or the current is not balanced between the phase conductor. It is the safest device to detect and trip against electrical leakage currents, thus ensuring protection against electric shock caused by direct contacts.
3. What are the benefits of RCCB?
  • Provides protection against earth fault as well as any leakage current.
  • Automatically disconnects the circuit when the rated sensitivity is exceeded.
  • Offers protection against voltage fluctuation as it includes a filtering device that guards against transient voltage levels.
4. What is meant by Sensitivity of RCCB?
  • A human being is able to sustain an electric shock to the extent of 30 mA.
  • While up to 10 mA may just evoke a prickling sensation, 10 mA onwards may lead to muscular contraction, further leading to a respiratory paralysis at around 30mA.
  • RCCBs are therefore designed to look for small changes in residual current.

What are the different types of RCCB based on Poles?


RCCB is mainly classified into two types.

  • 2-Pole RCCB: It is used for protection in a single-phase system. It has 2 ingoing & 2 outgoing terminals having phase & neutral connections.
  • 4-Pole RCCB: It is used for protection in a four-wire three-phase system. 4 Pole RCCB is utilized in a 3-phase supply connection that includes a neutral wire and 3 phase wires.

What are the different types of RCCB available under this initiative?

  • HAVELLS is offering their premium AC STAD X RCCB to BRPL consumers at upto 57% discount on MRP.
  • Available ratings – 32A,40A,63A (for single Phase) and 40A,63A (for three phase)
  • Sensitivity – 30mA, 100mA
S.No Type Of Connection Sanctioned Load/Connected Load Sensitivity  RCCB RCCB Description MRP Cost Discount on MRP
1 Single Phase 32A 30mA DHRZCMDF030032 32A/30mA DP RCCB TOG TYPE AC  STAD X 3813 1664 56%
2 Single Phase 32A 100mA DHRZCMDF100032 32A/100mA DP RCCB TOG. TYPE AC STADX 3771 1654 56%
3 Single Phase 40A 30mA DHRZCMDF030040 40A/30mA DP RCCB TOG TYPE AC  STAD X 3813 1654 57%
4 Single Phase 40A 100mA DHRZCMDF100040 40A/100mA DP RCCB TOG TYPE AC  STAD X 3771 1654 56%
5 Single Phase 63A 30mA DHRZCMDF030063 63A/30mA DP RCCB TOG TYPE AC  STAD X 4994 2190 56%
6 Single Phase 63A 100mA DHRZCMDF100063 63A/100mA DP RCCB TOG TYPE AC  STAD X 4994 2190 56%
7 Three Phase 40A 30mA DHRZCMFF030040 40A/30mA FP RCCB TOG TYPE AC  STAD X 4754 2231 53%
8 Three Phase 40A 100mA DHRZCMFF100040 40A/100mA FP RCCB TOG TYPE AC  STAD X 4649 2268 51%
9 Three Phase 63A 30mA DHRZCMFF030063 63A/30mA FP RCCB TOG TYPE AC  STAD X 5006 2305 54%
10 Three Phase 63A 100mA DHRZCMFF100063 63A/100mA FP RCCB TOG TYPE AC  STAD X 5006 2346 53%



Locations of RCCB Sale?


Consumers can purchase RCCB at

  • BRPL Digi Seva Kendra (DSK) and
  • Customer help Desk (CHD)
8. Warranty of RCCB
Ans Warranty of the RCCB is dependent on the Distribution Board (DB) on which it is mounted. If RCCB is fitted in Havells DB, warranty is 6 years from date of purchase of RCCB and if RCCB is mounted on other OEM DB, warranty is 1 year from the date of purchase of RCCB.
9. What are the different products available at point of sale along with RCCB
Ans Consumers can purchase 16A Wifi Smart Plug at point of sale
Item Code Item Description MRP Offered Price to BRPL Consumers Discount on MRP
ACST161603 16A WIFI SMART SOCKET 1499 825 44.9%
10. What are the uses and advantages of Wifi Smart Plug?
  • Consumers can plug in these smart plugs to the normal socket and connect their appliances like AC, Geyser, Heaters, OFR (Oil Filled Radiator), motor, kettle to this smart plug and the appliances become smart.
  • With Smart plug you can not only turn on and off the device, but also offers following advantages
    • Set schedules for your devices to turn ON and OFF at scheduled time throughout the day
    • Voice Control- through Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant
    • Control appliances from anywhere through your smart phone via Digitap app by Havells
    • Multiple appliances can be controlled with Crabtree 16A smart sockets by Havells
    • Consumers can also monitor how much power is being consumed by the connected device.