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Renewable Energy

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   To ensure

  1. BRPL maintains the lead in the rooftop solar PV facilitation and management
  2. BRPL is proactively engaged in the new developments in the Energy space such as Electric Vehicles including E Rickshaws, Battery Storage Systems
  3. BRPL remains abreast with emerging convergence between Renewable Energy Integration and Management , Storage, EVs, Demand Side Management, Energy Efficiency etc
  4. BRPL engages with new entrants in all these areas and conduct field trials and examine the business case and how these developments can be utilized for achieving business objectives
  5. BRPL maintains the affirmative lead in these areas and a progressive image with MNRE, MoP, Dept of Power GoNCTD, DERC etc so as to ensure favorable policy and regulatory developments for BRPL
  6. BRPL has the best practices and capability in implementing these new areas both technical and process. Provide the best experience to Consumer while ensuring business interests are protected To remain the leading Utility in India in the journey of Energy Transformation
Key Focus Areas:
  1. Rooftop solar PV installations 

    BRPL is actively promoting rooftop solar PV installations in its licence area and has recently launched India's 1st utility anchored rooftop program for consumer aggregation. This program was launched in association with US-AID PACE-D, GIZ and TERI. Roof top solar net metering allows consumers to generate electricity for self-consumption and sell surplus, if any to the discom.

  2. Net-metering process

    BRPL has developed a streamline process of approving net-metering applications and subsequent installation of net-meter & renewable energy meter in line with DERC (Net-metering for Renewable Energy) Regulations, 2014. Roof top solar net metering allows consumers to generate electricity for self-consumption and sell surplus, if any to the Discom. To make the process quicker and more consumer-friendly, BRPL is going to launch its online portal for accepting the net-metering applications.

    To know more about netmetering and apply online Click Here

  3. E-Rickshaws / Electric Vehicles

    BRPL in partnership with land owning agencies is looking forward for setting up managed parking and charging points for E-rickshaws. DERC has notified a tariff of LT and HT Level's @ Rs. 4.5/ kWh and @ Rs. 4/ kVAh for charging stations for E-Rickshaw / E-Vehicle on Single Point Delivery. Also public charging station can go for ToD based tariff's as follows;

  4. Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

    BRPL is part of UI-ASSIST (US-India collAborative for smart diStribution System wIth STorage) wherein BRPL shall carry out three pilots by installing 330 kWH of Battery Energy Storage System. The brief details of pilot is provided below. The detailed scope of work can be assessed at

    Project 1: Demonstration of grid-scale energy storage systems for a selected distribution/LT feeder having substantial penetration of rooftop Solar PV systems;

    Project 2: Smart Meters and Energy Storage Systems for selected Research Institutions (under HT category, having existing rooftop Solar PV installations)

    Project 3: Demonstration of grid-scale energy storage systems for a selected group housing society having rooftop Solar PV power plant installed.

  5. Capacity Building Initiatives 


    • Grid Integration Study
      • Short Summary
      • Main Report
    • For Rooftop Solar new technologies
    • PV Port Study ( Solar PV Rooftops with Energy Storage ) for making the consumer self sustainable for most of the energy needs.


    • Value of Grid Connected Rooftop Solar PV installations (VGRS) for Discoms
      • Executive Summary
      • Full Report


    • Mc Arthur study for Rooftop Solar integration studies
    • Indo US ASSIST for pilots in Smart Grid and Storage
    • Rollout plan for EV’s in Delhi
    • Study on Urban Microgrids as an Enabler for Distribution Network
      • Report

    US AID PACE D Program

    Demand aggregation program in network overloaded pockets of BRPL